Daily Schedule

Future Steps operates five days a week from 7:30 to 12:30. There is an option for a three day week, if your child is younger than two years.

Aftercare is optional until 2:30 daily.
Children who stay for aftercare will be required to have a time of rest between 12:00pm and 2:00pm.

Note to parents
School holidays on this calendar are long and half term breaks sufficient. Therefore, it would be appreciated if parents would make their travel arrangements with these dates in mind. It is extremely disruptive to have learners off at random times. Please note that all dates are inclusive.

Future Steps runs on independent school holidays.

School Terms

Term 1
Start Wednesday, 17th January
Close Wednesday, 11th April
# Half term Early closing on Thursday, 1st March
Return: Tuesday, 6 th March
Public Holidays: Wednesday, 21st March Human Rights Day
Friday, 30th March Good Friday
Monday, 2nd April Family day


Term 2
Start Wednesday, 2nd May
Close Friday, 3rd August
# Half term Normal closing on Friday, 22nd June
Return: Monday, 2nd July
Public Holidays: Saturday, 16th June Youth Day


Term 3
Start Tuesday, 4th September
Close Thursday, 6th December
# Half term Early closing on Thursday, 18th October
Return: Tuesday, 23rd October
Public Holidays: Monday, 24th September Heritage Day
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